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What a way to start the New Year! Hot off the press is a significant announcement that we are delighted to be able to share. Thermal Issues Ltd has agreed an exclusive partnership programme with California-based Celsia Inc. – a world innovator in Heat Pipe and Vapour Chamber technology.

The agreement, which naturally we’ve been negotiating for quite some time, makes Thermal Issues the UK agent for the revolutionary Celsia range of application-specific thermal management products – comprising custom designs developed for challenging customer applications. So, as you can tell, a business model that already parallels our own beautifully.

Make no mistake, these inventive products are highly technical design solutions. Celsia specialises in custom heat sinks using two-phase devices. These are perfect for high heat flux applications, harsh or rugged environments, and where thermal management space is constrained. Through Thermal Issues Ltd, UK companies can now access thermal management expertise, as well as a product solution tailored to their exact needs.

How will it work? Pretty simple. Just contact us. We’ll get a handle on your thermal challenge – things like thermal requirements and space constraints – and run the calculations, backed up by our extensive knowledge of thermal management in general and heat pipe & vapour chamber technology in particular. Then we get back to you with detailed specifications ready for you to design in. And costs, of course.

This promises to be a very productive relationship for Thermal Issues Ltd and Celsia, and for UK manufacturers. It’s a new conduit for knowledge and products that solves age-old problems for designers.

Celsia is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, with production facilities in Taiwan.

Be sure to visit the Celsia website www.celsiainc.com where you’ll find out that the company has shipped over two million solutions to global customers and holds more than 70 patents. In fact, Celsia was the pioneer of the ground-breaking one-piece vapour chamber design with heat sink integration a decade ago. Why is that ground-breaking? It delivers a cost-comparable alternative to heat pipes that is thermally superior and therefore hard to ignore.

Contact us any time to find out more. There’s a great deal to know.

Best regards and a Prosperous New Year - Neil

Neil Wilson
Neil Wilson


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