Use SilPad 900s for rugged thermally efficiency

The SilPad 900s from Bergquist (part of the Henkel Group) is a remarkable piece of thermal engineering. It is a truly rugged, thermally efficient thin film interface.

There are countless applications for a material such as this, but key ones include Automotive, Power Supplies and Motor Controls. SilPad 900s has been deployed in the automotive industry for years as a reliable and trustworthy method of interfacing with engine management systems and collision mitigation hardware. So vibration issues are rarely a problem for this ‘workhorse’ thermal interface material.

Among its desirable characteristics is the combination of a smooth and highly conformable surface to optimise low thermal impedance coupled with high dielectric strength.

At Thermal Issues, we advocate its use in any application where high reliability, high dielectric strength and low thermal impedance are critical. It’s a superb thermal management solution.

SilPad 900s is available from stock for custom parts manufactured to your design with next day delivery. As is our policy at Thermal Issues Ltd, there’s no charge for tooling. Contact us directly to order or find out more.

Best regards – Neil

Neil Wilson
Neil Wilson


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