Managed Inventory to make life easier for buyers

We’ve known for a long time that it’s a serious challenge for procurement people to source parts for bespoke electronic designs. And that includes thermal interface material parts. Or anti-vibration material parts. Or electrically isolating material parts. Or ESD safe interface parts. You get the idea.

The issue is not about the type of material needed for the specific part. It’s about the nature of bespoke design. It will come as no surprise to product developers that prototype designs change regularly – that’s the point of prototyping. Fortunately, our ability to work directly from electronic design data keeps our manufacturing service agile, so we’re on top of that – usually to the delight of designers. They don’t have to worry about tooling charges for short runs or one-offs.

Once a design is ratified, production can begin. That’s where procurement teams are handed the challenge to source the parts. Locating thermal interface and related materials for standard component profiles is straightforward. Generally, they are widely available from suppliers – and from Thermal Issues, of course. In fact, we have a distinct competitive advantage thanks to the responsiveness of our e-commerce website. Ordering online from us is fast and easy – and great value, naturally.

But parts for bespoke component patterns are different. How do you predict future usage?

That’s where our all-new Managed Inventory Service kicks in. And it makes life blissfully simple for buyers. We take a 3, 6 or 12-month order based on expected projections of quantity and manufacture the parts immediately. Then we hold them on the shelf until they’re needed. Our customers call batches off as required. And we only bill them when we do.

It’s particularly useful when a requirement is suddenly brought forward – and that happens more often than you’d imagine. Trust our 30 years of experience there. Parts can be called at very short notice, and even shipped by same-day courier if things are really urgent.

There’s no other way to cost effectively source bespoke parts against an unplanned (or unforeseen) schedule with such responsive delivery.

Thermal Issues’ Managed Inventory Service also removes a burden for specifiers – the designers – as they know that a reliable materials source is at hand; and that it’s the same high quality source for full production as they used to prove a design during the prototype development stages. That’s reassuring.

Several of our customers are already taking advantage of our Managed Inventory Service. Give me a call or drop me an email if you think it could work for you, or if you’d just like to know more.

Best regards – Neil

Neil Wilson
Neil Wilson


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