Great Editorial Coverage in Electronics Sourcing

It was very rewarding to open the latest edition of Electronics Sourcing magazine to find a sizeable piece of editorial about Thermal Issues. In fact, we were kindly granted an entire page in the October 2015 edition.

Obviously, our products, solutions and services are of direct interest to readers of Electronics Sourcing, that was never in doubt, but it’s good to see that promise endorsed by a respected industry publication. Our Managed Inventory Service is especially relevant to hard-pressed procurement professionals, and that comes across nicely in the editorial.

On top of that, we manage to explain how we removed three traditional barriers to progress: easy online ordering of standard parts; prototype patterns manufactured in exactly the same way as final production parts; and the celebrated Managed Inventory Service.

So our thanks to the editorial team at Electronics Sourcing. If you receive your own copy of the magazine, turn to Page 32 and enjoy reading about our endeavours. You can even see a picture of me looking happy. If you’re not on the ES circulation, click here to call up the interactive online version of the magazine – and be sure to sign up for your own hard copy immediately!

Feel free to share your thoughts and observations on this editorial, on this blog posting, and on anything else we do, for that matter. We like to communicate.

Neil Wilson
Neil Wilson


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