What Does Thermal Interface Material Accuracy Really Mean?


Here’s a fact: very few of the projects we work on at Thermal Issues demand the ultimate levels of accuracy from our manufacturing endeavours. So what’s the point of the exceptional precision we boast about?

We think it gives an invaluable confidence, both to us as thermal interface materials manufactures and to our customers as users of those materials. Accuracy means that they can confidently pitch for and address any high-spec application – like those encountered in the aerospace sector – and successfully compete. These applications do demand stringent levels of precision, so the accuracy we can deliver is the only way forward.

It’s worth noting that the accuracy of our machines is exceptional: some 20 microns, consistently, day in, day out.

So why’s that important for customer applications that don’t required such fine precision? Simple. That’s where the confidence for us as manufacturers comes in.

Obviously, when we set up the machines for a production run, the first parts will be manufactured with total accuracy, typically within a few microns. But we also know, with absolute certainty, that the last part off the machines – even after several tens-of-thousands of parts have been produced – will still be within that 20-micron window. That’s how we can guarantee to meet our customers’ requirements for accuracy – whether they need it or not!

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Neil Wilson
Neil Wilson


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