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Thermal Interface Materials enquiries Out of the Blue

We've experienced a raft of enquiries from companies ‘out of the blue’, asking if we can do this, or do that, or sometimes the other. The answer’s almost always ‘Yes’, because we’re pretty agile – that’s core to our business model.

When I say “out of the blue”, I mean people and businesses we've never previously had contact with – not those kind souls we've met at trade shows or old industry acquaintances. No, these are people who have found us, and are curious about what we can do. That’s a good thing, of course. It means that whatever we’re doing with our promotions is working. Our name is getting out there. It’s refreshing.

A statistically significant portion of these enquiries have a defence agenda. It’s clear that businesses serving the defence industries need the assurance of reliable, compliant, consistent and traceable quality from well-known and trusted sources. It’s the same with our medical customers. Thermal Issues Ltd fits the bill perfectly here. Plus we only ever source from suppliers committed to obtaining the raw materials from conflict free regions of the world.

Another aspect of the Thermal Issues business model that seems to appeal to the defence sector is our rapid turnaround capability. Companies tasked with delivering urgent defence requirements like the ability to fast-track product developments. In fact, there’s a huge amount of interest in this fast-track enabling solution across many of our customers’ market sectors. We’re happy to oblige. Call us for a chat if it captures your interest too.

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Neil Wilson
Neil Wilson


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