With our background in design engineering, we understand the importance of bespoke solutions for thermal management.

We offer global manufacturing experience locally and made-to-order.

Following almost 30 years of experience in design, supply and thermal solutions for electronics, Neil Wilson founded Thermal Issues to offer a tailored, UK-based service that guarantees flexibility in response.


Trained as a design engineer, Neil has held diverse positions in manufacturing with both a local and global scope, and has extensive experience in design and development.

From his hands-on experience managing a wide range of thermal issues, Neil identified a need for a UK-based thermal management provider that delivers solutions bespoke to engineering requirements.

As an innovator in his field, Neil has worked with a range of electrically isolating and thermally conductive materials from manufacturers including Bergquist, Dupont, Fujipoly, Chomerics and Laird and is passionate about offering only conflict-free products.