We deliver flexible, scalable solutions for electronic and electrical components that require thermal management.

Our innovative approach to this aspect comes from our first-hand experience as design engineers. As the demand for greater power in small applications grows, so does the necessity for enhanced thermal conductivity.

We meet the changing needs of your business with intelligent, bespoke solutions engineered to your exact requirements.




Go Gap Pad Thin…

July 21, 2016

Gap Pad 1500R is available in charcoal grey. And it really is thin – just 250μm thick, to be precise. Yet it shares the same highly conformable, low modulus polymer as the standard Gap Pad 1500. It is interwoven with fibreglass reinforcement, which means the material is very easy to handle while the fibreglass component reduces puncture, shear and tear susceptibility. That makes it ideal for rugged applications where low thermal resistance, high dielectric strength (>6Kv) and high cut-through strength are not simply necessary – but are absolutely imperative! Maximum continuous operating temperature is 200°C, ensuring excellent performance in the most extreme environments. An inherent natural tack on both sides and a low shore hardness of 40 (shore 00) allows...

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